Creative Dissertation Writing: How to Avoid Stress and Make the Process Enjoyable

Rites of passage cannot be avoided in life. Some experiences are very entertaining while others are traumatic. A student’s life has its own rites of passage too. One of the most vital – and arguably the scariest – is creating a dissertation. Is it possible for a student to enjoy writing their assignment? Or can the experience be at least tolerable? We believe that it is possible and so should you.

Select the right topic

The easiest way to enjoy your task is picking a topic that interests you. If you write about a topic you like, the writing process becomes easier. You will also procrastinate less since you are motivated. Come up with a list of the things that interest you the most on your subject area. Use the list to create an exciting and innovative title. If you find a title that excites you, you can be sure that you’ve struck gold.

Consider using color

Your writing could be more fun if you used lots of colors. Notes that are color-coded aid studying and can enhance your mood making you happier. Scientists have already proved this. Since you have to research, make sure that you use separate colors for various parts of the research. This will help you to search through the notes quickly, meaning less stress and more fun.

Create a study zone

Staying in that same chair, at the same desk, in the same room, with the same work can bore you. Another way to enlighten your mood is to redesign the study area. You can choose to place a corkboard above the desk so that it spins motivational messages, inspirational images, and colorful mind maps. Another r option is to make a study playlist from all the revision tunes and ensure that the drawer has study snacks always, including a cup of coffee/tea. Well isn’t this fun?

Talk to people

Just because you are writing your dissertation doesn’t mean that you should lock yourself in your room for days. Talking to your colleagues or family about your dissertation could help you. Some of them may give you useful insights for your work while other will encourage you to do your best. You also get a chance to socialize. Consider starting a debate with your colleagues on your topic and see if new ideas crop up. Visiting MyDissertations can also give you some food for thought.