Tourism and hospitality thesis topics

It is challenging for post-graduate students to get good tourism and hospitality dissertation topics. Great dissertation topics address provocative questions depending on the author’s field of expertise and where the student is driven to explore further. The dissertation proposal must provide a chart of questions asked and its relevance to the field of study and a conceptual outline and detailed research strategy. To develop significant tourism and hospitality thesis topics, students should be able to identify research questions. In general, to make dissertation topics up-to-date and exciting, embed current issues about the study field. This article offers guidance to students who want to come up with tourism, travel, and hospitality thesis topics. If this information doesn't satisfy your needs, consider buying a cheap thesis at a reliable writing service.

Ecotourism thesis topics

Ecological tourism or ecotourism is a travel concept coined during the late 1980s when there was environmental awareness globally. Global citizens had the desire to visit natural locations instead of human-made tourist attraction sites.

  • Attitudes and perception of ecotourism in Africa among the European tourists
  • Developing Edinburgh as a tourist attraction site
  • Factors that affected ecotourism in Japan during the 2018 summer vacations
  • The role of ecotourism on the economies of local communities: A case of Maasai Mara national reserve in Kenya

Dark tourism dissertation ideas

It is also called black or grief tourism. It involves traveling to attraction sites associated with death, suffering, and atrocities like castles and battlefields like genocides memorials, nuclear disaster sites, Auschwitz, and Culloden in Scotland. These tourism expeditions seek to understand the cause of such events.

  • Does the economic benefit to the local communities of dark tourism alleviate their suffering?
  • Attitude and perception of tourists to the Ripper and the Jack sites
  • Factors that contribute to the popularity of dark tourism than natural tourist attraction sites

Hospitality thesis topics

Hospitality is the job tenable in the hospitality industry like resorts and hotels, catering, restaurants, and casinos and hospitality positions dealing with tourists.

  • Factors affecting the customer’s choice of leisure hotels when planning for overseas holidays
  • Attitudes and perception of European Union tourists towards Starbucks hotel in Rwanda
  • The impact of the internet on travel agency: A case of CNN travel
  • Motivation strategies for employees in the hospitality and tourism industry

Tourism management dissertation ideas

It is a field that deals with competencies, practical, and specialized skills, entrepreneurial, and general management for efficient and effective results for leisure and recreation travel. Globally, tourism is a sector that grows steadily with both indirect and direct impacts on political, social, and economic indicators.

  • What are the factors influencing both overseas and domestic tourism taste for European tourists
  • The impact of global terrorism activities on tourist attraction sites in the Middle East.

Medical tourism dissertation ideas

Medical tourism is because of cost differences in medical processes in diverse countries coupled with low traveling costs.  

  • Attitude and perception of plastic surgery transformation in South Asia among the female European clients
  • India as a medical tourism destination amongst the African citizens
  • The perception and attitudes of British men to hair transplant surgeries in Turkey
  • Switzerland as a wellness and spa tourist destination
  • Influence of medical tourism on native health systems in India

Educational tourism dissertation ideas

It involves attracting academics, scholars, and students to a specific destination because of perceived career development, practical skills, and education quality. The objective is to get quality education together with enriched cultural diversity and change individual perception.

  • Attitudes and perception of international students to study and work in Canada
  • The impact of student exchange programs on the development of self-confidence