A Quick Guide For Writing Dissertation Acknowledgements

The acknowledgement section is also an important part of a dissertation that must be included when writing the final draft. The dissertation acknowledgements’ section is where you show gratitude to people and organizations that have supported you through the research and writing process. The best dissertation acknowledgements are written by adhering to the following guidelines.

Careful thinking about it

Although your evaluation will not be based on dissertation acknowledgement only, this section forms a significant part of this paper. It also determines the overall quality and your ability to follow instructions. Before you write the acknowledgements, give this section a careful thought. Think about people that supported you in various ways thereby enhancing completion of the project.

While you may not have to list everyone that was involved in the project, it is crucial that you include the major players whose roles have been significant throughout the process. Acknowledgements in dissertation show a sense of professionalism and gratitude. They also prove that dissertation authors value team work which is an important skill in the job market.

Create a separate page for acknowledgements

Unlike other sections of a dissertation that can be merged, acknowledgements for dissertation should be on a separate page. However, this does not mean that they are counted while determining the length of a dissertation paper.

The acknowledgement section is positioned between the abstract and the table of contents sections. However, this section should be short. To understand how a typical page for dissertation acknowledgements should look like, check out a few dissertation acknowledgements examples.

Make a list of relevant contributors

While you may decide to just give a general statement that applauds individuals that have been instrumental in your study, it is reasonable to make a list of the key contributors. Apart from mentioning your family, friends and fellow students, the acknowledgements section can also list the academic scholars that have offered advice and support for your project.

If you acquired assistance from any professional bodies or volunteers, make sure that you acknowledge them too. Reading a dissertation acknowledgements sample can give you a clearer picture of the persons to list and the best way to present them on this page.

Maintain a friendly but formal tone

Since you are showing gratitude to the people that have helped you through this study, it is important that you use a friendly tone without losing the formal appeal of this paper. Some of the best phrases to include in your PhD dissertation acknowledgements section include:

  • I would like to thank…
  • XXX offered me invaluable assistance in…
  • My sincere thanks go to…

Generally, writing the acknowledgements section of a dissertation should never be a challenge. To easily avoid mistakes while writing this section, read more acknowledgements for dissertation samples online. These will guide you or provide inspiration for writing your acknowledgement section for dissertation.