Top Interesting Dissertation Topics on Renaissance

Among the most interesting historical periods is the renaissance. Such a niche in custom thesis writing offers students a range of numerous writing areas to write about them. Some of the potential niches associated with the renaissance in dissertation writing include literature, architecture, and art.  

Versatility is an essential tool when working on any given dissertation. The choice of topics for your dissertation matters as it acts as the actual determinant of how your essay will look. Broader themes give you time to zero down on primary interest and conduct research on study areas. Going for the right topic gives you an easier time arranging and establishing how you can write your college paper. Some of the best dissertation topics on renaissance are discussed below. Check them out.

  • Comparison between renaissance painting and medieval painting 

The topic provides a broader scope of conducting research that is essential in inspiring potential readers. You can always consider choosing the best renaissance and medieval paintings and making a comparison between the two. With the provision of a broader scope of research, your dissertation will likely be more informative. Furthermore, there is a greater likelihood of enjoying a more generous writing space on painter inspirations and social inspirations. Such cases are likely to involve the reader who has a passion for reading on renaissance topics.     

  • Criticizing unpopular paintings 

There are many topics you can always explore renaissance. Being a doctorate student, you will need something way more than usual. You can start researching and examining museums and stick your attention to the most notable historical pieces. Identify the best noticeable part of the item and commence your research immediately. For instance, you can criticize a painters' life while narrowing down to the individual aspects. There are chances you will get critical documentation when you interview such painters.    

  • The position of renaissance food culture on painting 

Usually, most doctorate students choose the most advanced topics to impress academic spheres, which is a good idea. However, every student should consider setting their focus on fun topics that can create a successful discussion. As far as renaissance is concerned, food is deemed to be among the art's central themes. Moreover, food was used for conveying statuses in jewelry, painting, and interior design. In your research, you can always incorporate features that explain why food is considered luxurious in the past. Another crucial topic you can also consider is the perception of a particular painter at given historical stages.


The controversy is the crucial hack when identifying the best topic on reconnaissance for your dissertation. It would help if you went for something unique and exciting with no form of generics. Always go deeper to the significant points to ensure that your topic is well explained. Since the primary goal of writing any dissertation is the provision of value to the academic community, you have to choose a topic that has not been covered to take care of the uncovered gaps through extensive research. Above all, ensure that your audience or readers enjoy your final dissertation topic on renaissance.